Out Front: Fueling Speed to Market

Have you merged onto the Autobahn of health care reform yet?

Health care reform is here; health care markets are transforming at lightning speed. Are you ready to get in the driver's seat and join the race? Now is the time to get the traction you need to succeed in the reform environment- actionable strategies to win, now. You know the value of your organization; the next step on the road to success is communicating that value to potential new markets.

In 2012 SAMHSA's Partners for Recovery and the State Associations of Addiction Services collaborated to offer a free educational series designed to propel organizations into the future of health care reform.

Did you miss our live regional events? Click the links below to download the presentation materials.

-Power point #1 (Out Front)

-Power point #2 (Revisioning)

-Power point #3 (Marketing Services)

-Power point #4 (Marketing Action Plan)

-Competitor Analysis Tool- A competitor analysis is an important requirement in any business plan because it a) reveals the organization's competitive position in the "market-space", b) assists organizations in developing strategies to be competitive, and c) partners and other readers of the business plan will expect it.

-Branding Worksheet- This tool aides you in thinkinng about your "audience," what sets you apart from other similar organizations and in the development of powerful words to describe your agency.

-Build or Buy Tool- Behavioral health providers need to re-visit the role and functions of marketing their organizations. Marketing is a must in the commercial and managed care arenas. As Americans become insured-either via Medicaid expansion or health insurance exchanges- they will become treatment prospects carrying commercial insurance of one kind or another. This tool will help you consider current capacity for each of the critical marketing functions in our new world.

-Payor Report Card- A helpful tool as you evaluate and compare payers in claims turn around, rate of reimbursement, utilization management and customer service.

-Plan Profile Tool- Another tool as you evaluate and begin to understand payers and plans.

-Marketing Action Plan- Finish first! Use the marketing action plan.

Watch the entire "live" presentation! Training Videos can be accessed here!


Webinar 1: Are you in the driver's seat? Behavioral health and health reform readiness

Date: May 15, 2012

Webinar 2: Market Research
Date: May 31, 2012
Now that you are in the driver's seat and ready to hit the road, you need to know who your competition is, how fast they are, how long the track is, and what you need to do to compete and win. You need market research and you need to know how to use the research that is readily available to you through public search engines and other free information engines. Market research will help you identify who you need on your racing team: partners, alliances, networks or joint ventures. You will also learn how to use various marketing tools available to reach your target audiences.

Webinar 3: How Do You Build Your Workforce for Marketing Success?
Date: June 14, 2012
Now that you have your team assembled, who do you need in your pit crew to keep your organization in the race and ahead of your competition? Have you got the right staff in the right positions? Is your board composition the right mix to take you all the way to the finish line? In order to finish first you need a staffing plan that clearly sets the stage for who will get the work done and where you may have gaps in staff capacity. To succeed you must also market internally. Your staff and your board of directors are key target markets. Engaging each person in the organization in the implementation of a cohesive strategy will put you in the winner's circle.

Webinar 4: What is Your Customer Value Proposition?
Date: June 28, 2012

What makes you the fastest car on the track? What value do you bring to the market and why should potential customers sign on to your team? What differentiates you from the next guy? Potential customers want to know who you are and what you bring to the race. How do you tell your story in a compelling way that brings customers flocking to your door? Additionally, your story is important but how do you ensure what you are not saying about your organization is in line with your image and brand? As a part of your customer value proposition you need to practice what you preach and align brand image and messaging with the reality of your organization.

Webinar 5: Marketing and Contracting: Negotiating with Third-Party Payers
Date: July 12, 2012

Even the best racing team in the world has to market their product. Marketing isn't a bad word. It is essential if you want to succeed. But you are not a marketer? No problem. Understanding basic tenets of marketing and how to develop a marketing strategy is as easy as the 5 Ps: Product, price, place, promotion and people. Once you have mastered the 5 Ps, you have the tools to build your networks, and build your contract bench with managed care organizations (MCOs), accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other payers. Contracting with private and third-party payers is your winner's circle. Make success happen!

Webinar 6: Measuring Performance: How do you determine success?
Date: July 26, 2012

When race car drivers finish a race-their measure of success is where they finished in the field. Are they driving away with the trophy or did they come in last? Did they even finish the race? Developing your marketing plan and determining your success isn't quite as easy; however, it's essential if you want to succeed in the long term. If you don't develop benchmarks and determine performance measures, you are doomed to repeat strategies that are not effective or do away with strategies that are working. Reviewing common behavioral health market measures and creating business intelligence dashboards will help you determine your rate of success.

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